About NFM

Brief History

NFM is the brain-child of four ex-soldiers and their quest to deliver superior solutions for today's fighting units. It was founded in 1996 by four serving Norwegian National Guard members. Motivated by the discomfort and lack of functionality of their existing military vests, the group took the initiative to devise a better load bearing solution and fashioned their own, new vests. Upon learning of this innovative project, the Norwegian armed forces offered them funding to develop and further enhance these vests. The result was a vastly improved solution, fulfilling the needs of fighting soldiers. The new vest went on sale in 1998 and became the cornerstone of NFM's future protective equipment.

Today NFM is a leader in the military protection market, serving armed forces around the world. We have pioneered the unique Full Spectrum Protection (FSP) approach, offering military and defense customers a truly holistic, 360º proven system. Developed and tested in the rugged Scandinavian landscape with its extremes of climate and terrain, our products are engineered for ultimate fightability under the most challenging conditions. Every NFM product embodies the Scandinavian design ethos of minimalism and functionality. NFM’s state-of-the-art product range has been developed by experienced military personnel, based on their first-hand experience of operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance under fire. NFM’s FSP is a truly unique, holistic system designed to deliver ultimate lethality, mobility and sustainability – with total peace of mind.


Brief history