About NFM

Full Spectrum Protection

Full Spectrum Protection (FSP) is a personal load bearing and protection concept which enables the user to adapt through scalability and modularity. We developed the FSP by analyzing the tactical and operational requirements that armed forces and law enforcement agencies face. All the components of FSP, THOR Load Bearing, GARM Combat Clothing and SKJOLD Body Armor are designed to integrate seamlessly with each other. As a result, FSP enables the user to remain protected whilst adapting capacity, level of protection and appearance dependent on the threat level and environmental conditions.

GARM Combat Clothing

GARM is NFM’s combat clothing system, which incorporates a complete line of combat garments – from underwear to outerwear. All design aspects of the system have been carefully implemented from end user feedback. The aim is always to reduce weight but also improve durability, protection and compressibility of every item. GARM has also inspired NFM’s fire retardancy (FR) standards, an industry first, on the best ways of wearing fire retardant layers.

THOR Load Bearing

The THOR load bearing equipment range offers ultimate functionality and mobility, supported by a versatile, modular solution that can be adjusted to the mission at hand. All materials have been carefully selected to optimise durability, comfort and fire retardancy. We have designed our load bearing system so that it integrates with the GARM clothing system, ensuring the end-user remains effective over long periods of time in a variety of environments.

SKJOLD Body Armor

SKJOLD offers multiple body armor components where optimal protection level and protection area can be adapted, according to different threats and environments. Our SKJOLD solutions allow the user to remain comfortable, with the ability to adapt the level of protection from stand alone, to ICW and additional supplementary protection. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of what is possible through innovative research and carefully considered materials. Reliability ensures that every SKJOLD system saves lives, every time.