About NFM

Manufacturing & Operations

Continuous Technological Innovation

NFM has developed a range of advanced technologies in order to offer superior equipment and performance. NFM is adapted to deal with orders ranging from small to large projects through a high level of automatization.

Our staff-focused culture results in a low turnover of employees – another contributing factor to our production quality excellence.

Production Capabilities

Currently the company has the capacity to deliver up to 70 000 textile items per month. In case of ramp-up volume requests, NFM cooperates with mass producers outside Poland.

Soft ballistic protection for concealable wear have current capacities of over 15 000 items per month.

Hard ballistic production uses a unique technology for improved protective performance whilst maintaining the lightweight features of the plate. Current monthly capacity is 5000 plates (ramp-up available on request).


One supplier – One order – One delivery

NFM has invested in a state-of-the-art production facility in the center of Europe, enabling quick ramp up and flexible deliveries. Our well-honed operational capability is enhanced through a trusted network of suppliers and agents, allowing us to be flexible and efficient in delivering worldwide.

Raising Awareness, Encouraging Engagement and Dialogue

We aim to continually educate, train and motivate our personnel to ensure we work in accordance with our total quality management procedures.

  • Developing an awareness of quality, confidentiality and life cycle management within the whole company.
  • Executing the expectations and requirements of our customers.
  • Carrying out the careful selection and assessment of our suppliers and contractors.
  • Supervising and monitoring identified processes to carry out continuous improvements.
  • Engaging in open dialogue with our personnel and the society on environmental concerns resulting from our activities.

Our Environmental Promise

NFM cares about the impact we make on the natural environment. We make every effort to ensure we adhere to the applicable legal regulations. We spare no effort in minimizing the present and future negative impact on the environment:

  • Continually raising and improving the quality and safety of our products for the natural environment and the efficiency of our integrated quality and environmental management system in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
  • Applying all security measures that may prevent any extraordinary hazards to the natural environment
  • Reducing the consumption of energy and water for industrial purposes and minimizing the emission of pollution to air
  • Fulfilling all valid legal environmental regulations
  • Following and assessing the impact of transport and repair services on the environment
  • Cooperating with suppliers and contractors who apply the rules of the environmental management system 

SPTC Policy

Please click here to read our Strategic Product Turnover Control Policy.  

EU Grants

„Wprowadzenie innowacyjnej technologii wytwarzania twardych płyt balistycznych przy wykorzystaniu opatentowanej technologii FRTP”

NFM Production Sp. z o.o.

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Projekt finansowany w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego dla Województwa Pomorskiego na lata 2007-2013

Przedmiot projektu: Wprowadzenie nowego produktu – Twarde płyty balistyczne