About NFM

Our Mission

Enhanced Combat Performance

NFM design and produce protective equipment that enables the user to use his full capacity during combat, while staying protected. We provide armed forces with protection through continuous innovation and a user-centered design process, continuously implementing a holistic approach to protection systems. Our products and services with the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship have been delivered and are successfully used globally.


Core Values

Innovation – Innovation gives us our competitive advantage. We promote collaboration and sharing of ideas across our business. We have a structured approach to recognizing innovations, rapidly testing ideas and sharing learnings.

Competency – All our employees are highly competent within their specialist fields. We encourage personal and professional development and see it as a key part of improving our competency level as an organisation.

Honesty – We are always honest and open with our clients and respect their right to confidentiality. We set realistic targets and goals, and do our utmost to adhere to them. We work closely together with them at all times, strengthening relationships in order to achieve optimal results.

Trust – We go to great lengths to ensure that those we work with both internally and externally, comply to strict ethical guidlines related to finance, operating conditions and environmental issues.