GARM Combat Jacket 2.0

Combat Environment Flame Retardant NIR Compliant  Lightweight Water, Oil & Dirt Resistant Breathable Comfortable Durable


The combat uniform incorporates several new technologies, such as lamination and bonding technology to provide stiffness and increased durability, a press machine for its unique 3D shape, and laser cut edges.

We have designed this athletic and ergonomic combat jacket with external zip pockets, circumference adjustments and a 3-way hood adjustment by keeping in mind the end user’s need to adapt quickly to all kinds of missions anywhere, whilst remaining agile in suitable combat clothes.

Lightweight, compressible, durable, and a perfect t
for all combat missions, this jacket can be worn as an outer layer in temperate or hot areas, as well as in cold environments with additional base and insulation layers.


  • FR and NIR compliant

  • Ideal for combat missions

  • Lightweight and packable

  • Durable and wear resistant

  • 3-way hood adjustment compatible with helmets

  • Body armor and load bearing gear compatible

  • Drainage holes in pockets

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GARM Combat Jacket 2.0

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