VPAM-III-Q19 is a very light hybrid composite of Aramid and UHMW-PE that incorporates the most modern materials in order to minimize weight and maximize performance. The Aramid fabric combines high tenacity with high surface area, in a novel weave style. In comparison to other products, VPAM-III-Q19 provides the highest garn performance at the lowest weight.
UHMW-PE enables multi-hit performance and the capability to stop angle and edge shots from threats such as handgun ammunition and fragments. Polyethylene provides maximum strength for minimum weight and in addition, polyethylene has a high durability and resistance to moisture, UV rays and chemicals.
VPAM-III-Q19 is designed and tested to offer maximum protection against military threats with extremely low weight. This composite provides protection against fragments and 9mm steel jacket projectiles at both pistol and SMG velocities.

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Key Features

High performance-to-weight ratio

Multiple sizing and coverage options

Multi-hit capable



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