THOR Chest Rig 6-8


The THOR Chest Rig enables the user to transport task and mission essential equipment by attaching pouches to the 6 or 8 column wide Slot Attachment Interface (SAI) on the chest panel and shoulders. Cables can be routed through the elastic loops and an antenna or hose through the double sided hook/loop webbing.
The chest rig is secured and adjusted in height and width through the four lateral G-hooks.
The yoke may be added for increased load bearing capacity and comfort.
The Chest Panel 6T is compatible with THOR Plate Carrier, the 8T with THOR Protection and Integrated Carrier.


  • Versatile, multi role chest rig.
  • Adaptable to fit on many different THOR products.
  • Lightweight, technically advanced components.

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THOR Chest Rig 6-8

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