With four eyes and a chest drenched with blood, in Norse mythology GARM is the trustworthy watchdog at Hel’s gate who will go to extremes to protect his master’s assets.

Like its Viking namesake, GARM offers the user increased confidence, enhancing mobility and lethality, in the toughest conditions.

GARM is NFM’s combat clothing brand, which incorporates a complete line of combat garments – from underwear to outer wear. The end-users of GARM are professionals who totally rely on, and need to have, complete confidence in the functionality and quality of the equipment they use. GARM fulfills the specifications set by our customers, whilst simultaneously driving innovation in the field of combat clothing.

  • Complete range of combat clothing
  • Designed to fulfill Military and Law Enforcement requirements
  • FR layering system
  • Superior functionality and comfort
  • Compatible with body armor
  • Adaptable system configuration