Protecting the Elite Warrior


Designed to seamlessly integrate, Ops-Core’s comprehensive suite of scalable head protection helmet systems and components provide the warfighter with true system level performance. Ops-Core continually strive to advance performance and protection capabilities of both new products and existing battle proven designs. From fielding the lightest integrated helmets in the world to providing holistic head borne systems, the focus and dedication remain the same — protecting the elite warrior.

Ops-Core’s approach to delivering a complete system of head protection matches NFM’s philosophy of providing the soldier with Full Spectrum Protection for any type of mission.

NFM has exclusive rights to distribute Ops-Core products in the following territories:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • France
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia

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Ops-Core® continues its tradition of enabling the user to concentrate on their operations by offering helmet systems with performance enhancing components that can be assembled quickly and easily. In order for different combinations of components to work together and achieve a desired capability, each use case scenario is carefully considered during the development of the system. Only after the optimal performance of the system has been demonstrated can it then be broken down into a set of modular components. This approach to product integration at Ops-Core has resulted in a helmet system with components that work together seamlessly and allow the soldier to focus on the mission, instead of their equipment setup.


Today’s warfighter is faced with a diverse and ever changing set of mission requirements to be carried out in some of the harshest environments on earth. This requires their equipment to be equally advanced and capable of providing the same level of versatility. Ops-Core continually works to improve the helmet system capabilities, which currently include: head protection, communications, situational awareness, eye protection, respiratory protection, scalable ballistic coverage, night vision integration, IFF identification, integrated power and data, and signature management.



Expert design team collaborates with end users to deliver high quality solutions that often exceed expectations and program requirements. Ops-Core uses each development opportunity to set a new bar that pushes performance limits to the extent that technology will allow. This commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the latest innovations that include the Ops-Core Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Upgrade Kit, which allows customers to cost effectively upgrade a standard ACH to a helmet system platform; the Ops-Core ACH Survivability Kit (mandible and visor kit); and advancements to our Ops-Core RAC headset, which provides true 3D technology for hearing protection and improved situational awareness.



Several of the helmets are offered in different ballistic materials to give customers more choices in the level of threat protection, weight, and price. Many of the distinct helmet platforms also utilize the same impact liners, retention and integration components to maintain compatibility with their lineage as well as future system components. This not only helps customers match the best equipment with their needs, but also helps programs outfit more personnel with the best equipment for a variety of duty positions while keeping within budgetary and logistic constraints.


With leading edge design, and field proven performance and reliability, Ops-Core has become the preferred supplier of helmet systems by global Special Operation Forces. To help maintain product performance, Ops-Core offers replacement parts and maintenance programs for all the fielded systems. This keeps the equipment performing as well as it did when it was new, and in many cases even better with the advancement of new components.