Integrated, adaptable body armor solutions

Today’s modern soldier requires a variety of elements, working together to ensure that he remains agile, comfortable and well protected. As a soldier platform integrator, NFM sees the soldier as the centre of everything we do, and offers equipment that enables high performance in combat while staying protected.

NFM delivers equipment and services for a full spectrum of operations, developed through user-centered design with a high speed of iteration. The company incorporates in-house design and produces a complete range clothing, load bearing and protective equipment.

This enables NFM to approach the design with a sustainable perspective. We look upon the soldier as an integrated platform and design all our product ranges to work seamlessly together ensuring that the soldier's performance is enhanced. In addition, it enables an open and creative view of design where the capacity of the system is the priority.

NFM delivers products with the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, and these products continue to perform, when they are put to the test, across the globe.



Market leading armor solutions for the modern soldier

As part of the NFM soldier platform, SKJOLD offers our clients complete peace of mind. Our exclusive network of established relationships across the industry allows us to be a key partner in the process: from initial R&D, tailored solutions, strategic partner development and logistical support.

Complementing this, we have an in-depth knowledge of end-user needs. We understand that today’s soldier faces multiple threats, and that the scale of these threats can vary considerably over time. It is therefore essential that the soldier can adapt his equipment accordingly, allowing him the flexibility to achieve his mission, even when that mission changes.

“SKJOLD offers multiple anti-ballistic components where optimal protection level and protection area can be adapted, according to different threats and environments.”

NFM’s in-house capability ensures that the entire SKJOLD range of body armor is tested to its extremes, and beyond. By implementing a 360 degree QM process our clients can rest assured that they have a product which can protect them against any given threat.

Having the end-to-end capability to deliver all of the above within one organization is unique.