THOR - A System of Systems

The scalability of the THOR System ensures the ability to scale up or down accordingly, dependent on the immediate threat.


THOR Plate Carrier

THOR Plate Carierr - basic THOR Plate Carierr - additional

THOR Protection Carrier

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THOR Protection Carierr - basic THOR Integrated Carierr - additional

THOR Integrated Carrier

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THOR Integrated Carrier - basic THOR Integrated Carrier - additional


Design Philosophy

The entire design philosophy of the THOR Load Bearing System is based on ensuring that the user remains mobile and protected. The user should be able to detect, assess and react to threats around him without feeling impeded by his equipment. Our goals are to constantly reduce weight and bulk and optimize comfort.

NFM’s user centred design approach to the THOR line, ensure’s that all products released to the market have been thoroughly tested by end users in the harshest environments.

Sustainable Design

One of the most important elements to consider in load bearing equipment is weight distribution. By implementing a more streamlined design we not only reduce weight but it also helps to bring the weight closer to the centre of gravity, ensuring a more even weight distribution.


Lumbar Support

Our lumbar support belt ensures that the weight is distributed around the waist and hip area’s without imposing on the abdominal area, allowing the user to breath without restriction. This support system also assists in maintaining the position of the plates during rigorous movement.


Ventilation Channels

Ventilation channels have been implemented around the areas where the user sweat the most. This improves on comfort by keeping the user cool during high intensity activity. It also allows the user to wear the vest for longer periods of time without impeding the soldiers capacity.


By implementing the Tubes™ system in our load bearing vests we have been able to optimise on stability and durability. Tubes™ are very easy to handle and enable quick release should any wearer require first aid or extraction.

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Slot Attachment Interface 

The Slot Attachment Interface (SAI) is more streamlined ensuring that any additional weight is brought in closer to the body and the centre of gravity. The use of SAI has enabled us to maximise on equipment attachment and cable management capabilities.

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We implemented the Yoke which ensures that the weight burden is relieved on the shoulders, and re-distributed to the central back area.

HB Plates Alignment

Both front and back torso plates are optimally positioned in the plate carrier at the the same height in order to ensure identical protection and balance of weight.


As a result of further research we have been able to improve on fire retardancy without impeding on comfort or functionality.

All THOR load bearing vests are fully IRR compliant.

A combination of both lamination and laser cutting has resulted in us being able to create more ergonomically optimised materials, enhancing comfort. This technology:

  • Reduces the need for sewing
  • Reduces fraying
  • Reduces material usage
  • Reduces production time

Water repellent coatings applied to all materials ensure that moisture absorbtion is minimised.