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Traditionally, officers have been forced to choose between comfort and the support of their equipment. The GENTO Duty Belt solves this problem by providing a secure and well-fitting solution for everyday use. Not only does it provide a tactical advantage by keeping the attached equipment stable in active situations, but the easily adjustable and ergonomic design is equally comfortable for seated and stationary duties.


Most of today’s tactical belts are made of several layers of nylon, and some with plastic inlays, both of which provide some rigidity. This does not, however, apply to the area where it is folded around the belt buckle, which would make it bulky. The GENTO Duty Belt utilizes a molded design where no folding is required, thus providing superior rigidity in this area, too. The rigidity of the belt makes it possible to wear the belt more loosely than traditional belts, improving the comfort.

All standard 50mm equipment will fit on the belt. Half-through holes can be used for quick attachment systems, while the padding provides sideways locking of equipment using hook & loop.

GENTO Duty Belt equipped - front view


GENTO Duty Belt equipped - back view

The product designers at NFM know how tough a job law enforcement can be, and the toll it can take on the body. It is our mission to provide the highest levels of comfort and protection while maximising performance. In other words, our mission is to protect those that protect us.

Human anatomy causes the abdomen to move down and forward into the pelvis when moving from a standing to a seated position. This causes the diameter of the waist to increase. A belt that is properly tightened when the wearer is standing may be too tight when seated. This situation is only resolved in the following ways:

  • The wearer reluctantly accepts the additional belt pressure on the abdomen restricting blood flow by pressing on the veins,causing discomfort.
  • The belt is made from a flexible material that will “give” or is left intentionally loose, creating instability of equipment when the wearer is standing or active.
  • The belt adjusts to the change in waist diameter.

The GENTO Duty Belt uses a patented design to make belt adjustment quick and easy so that it can be set at the optimal diameter whether the wearer is standing or seated. This provides the foundation for greater comfort and better equipment support than ever before.


The easiest way to make a belt is to keep it flat. However, on the GENTO Duty Belt the sidepiece is molded with a 6 degree angle towards the back to allow it to follow the natural curvature of the spine and rest comfortably on the area between the lumbar and the buttock muscles. There is also a 4 degree twist in the sidepieces creating a conical shape, which further enhances the lumbar support.

There is comfortable padding all around, designed ergonomically, with a breathable outer mesh increasing the ventilation. Extra conical- shaped padding has been added to the back plate to give support and distribute pressure throughout the affected parts of the body. These features, along with the even weight distribution of equipment provided by the adjustable fit, reduce and may even eliminate long-term back problems encountered by those routinely carrying heavy loads.

On most existing solutions, the user must take the belt off, open a Velcro® flap, and then open the buckle to adjust the belt. In addition, the position of the gear mounted on the belt might have to be moved after the adjustment. With the GENTO Duty Belt, adjustments are easily made by pressing the release buttons on the back plate and then altering the fit. By making the adjustment on both sides at the back, symmetrical adjustment can be achieved, keeping the critical equipment mounted in front of the belt in the optimal position.

The adjustment mechanism contains an end-stop, which ensures that the belt cannot split or be removed accidentally.

The ease of adjustment is particularly relevant simply when there is a need for release around your waist.

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