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New B2C Sales Outlet in Oslo

The NFM Group recently made the strategic decision to purchase the e-Commerce business, Rigg AS, a specialist in consumer sales based in Oslo. On 1 January 2019, Riggs officially became the supplier of the B2C channel Norsegear Rigg.

Traditionally the purview of The Equipnor Division, the NFM Group has always held high ambitions for its e-commerce business, and for the past three years, Equipnor has been investing heavily in building the Norsegear brand which has grown substantially. Towards the end of last year, the conclusion was reached that the most efficient and cost-effective way of achieving our aims would be through the strategic acquisition of a specialist in the field.

For the past 15 years, Rigg AS has been an importer and distributor of military, tactical and safety equipment for members of the defense forces, the police and security companies in Norway, promoting their products under three separate brand names: ArmyGear (which is similar to our Norsgear); Provakt (for private security and Guards branch), and 2Alfa, selling weapons and ammunition. They have a wide network of customers and suppliers within Norway.

Geir Ruud, Equipnor CEO, explains:

“With this purchase, Equipnor has ensured that our B2C customers will continue to receive a consistent, high-quality service and product, while we turn our attention to other aspects of our business.”

To view the products or make contact directly with Rigg, go to http://rigg.no