NFM's Showroom in Lebork

NFM’s New Showroom

From a cavernous hole filled with building material to a smart, sleek and modern hall, stocked with NFM’s finest products, NFM’s new showroom was recently opened. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in the light and, combined with the wood paneling, foliage and brick walls, create a feeling of being outdoors.

The full range of NFM’s products are on display, from the GARM Snow Uniform to the load bearing THOR vests and SKJOLD body armor, with the room being divided into climates and mission requirements, to best highlight what the products are designed for.

The periphery of the showroom is lined with meeting rooms, all bright and welcoming thanks to the glass doors and large windows, and a comfortable waiting area for guests.

You are invited to come to Lebork, Poland and see our showroom for yourself. Please contact us on to arrange a visit.