THOR Double P90 Mag Pouch

  • THOR Double P90 Mag Pouch - front and back
  • THOR Double P90 Mag Pouch - full lid open
  • THOR Double P90 Mag Pouch - Cordstopper
  • THOR Double P90 Mag Pouch - Grab-tab

Intended for transportation and fast reload of two Personal Defense Weapon (FN P90) magazines.

Key Features

  • Full lid with hook & loop closure and internal retention cord make it possible to secure the magazine.
  • Omega grab-tab and the internal pull tab facilitate quick access and the expandable walls enable the extracting of the magazine extracting the magazines towards the sides or the front from any position.
  • The cordstopper located at the bottom of each magazine compartment makes it possible to compress/decompress the retention.
  • ALPHA Square Attachment Interface on the external face allows for the attaching of additional pouches.
  • ALPHA laminate Slot Attachment Interface for increased stability onto any PALS/MOLLE interface.

Available colors

Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
Raven Black
Raven Black
Hellhound Grey
Hellhound Grey

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