THOR™ Load Bearing Systems


Wielding his mighty hammer, THOR™ is the fiercest warrior of Nordic legend, famed for his supernatural strength and agile fighting abilities. These characteristics are evident in our THOR™ line of load-bearing vests, designed to maximise the wearer’s ability to perform their duties, while remaining protected.

THOR™ MCVS™ - Modular Combat Vest System - Modular


Allows for a broad spectrum of mission configurations and body mapping by adding/removing and positioning components.
The Slot Attachment Interface pouch attachment, Tubes™ and other interfaces provide load- bearing capacity for task- and mission-essential equipment.

THOR™ MCVS™ - Modular Combat Vest System - Scalable


The user can scale up or down, tailoring the carrier according to the need for protection level and area by adding or removing soft ballistic elements, to the extent that the shape of the torso area can be changed completely.

THOR™ MCVS™ - Modular Combat Vest System - Transformable


Sub-component compatibility within the THOR™ line means the parts between the carriers are interchangeable, and can transform the basic configuration.


Our unique design means that the weight is not only reduced.

The Lumbar support belt enables load management by pulling the back segment in towards the lower back. It applies pressure over a large area and thus stabilizes the back segment close to the body without interfering with mobility and the respiration. The overall effect is less pressure on the shoulders and the diaphragm while ensuring stability.

The shoulder support (the Yoke) enables load management by lifting the front segment upwards, due to the semi rigid core element and shape when compressed it creates a bridge effect which reduces the pressure on the shoulders and thus increases the mobility for the shoulders and arms. The overall effect is less pressure on the chest and shoulders while ensuring stability.

The combined performance of the Lumbar support belt and the Yoke ensures the load is carried close to the body’s center axis and center of mass, is properly shaped, positioned and stabilized to mitigate the risk of soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries during wear.

THOR™ MCVS™ Load Bearing System - Weight & pressure distribution


THOR Load Bearing System - NFM Alpha laminate

The NFM Alpha is a unique laminate developed by combining materials through an advanced lamination process, that maximizes the material’s durability, strength, aesthetic appearance and comfort whilst reducing its weight. NFM Alpha, in combination with the Slot Attachment Interface attachment system, is 27% lighter and 18% stronger than the classic MOLLE-PALLS in combination with Cordura 770.

THOR Load Bearing System - Slot Attachment Interface (SAI)

The Slot Attachment Interface ensures that any additional weight is brought in closer to the body and the center of gravity, thereby reducing weight and bulk. The use of the Slot Attachment Interface has enabled us to maximize the equipment attachment and cable management capabilities.

THOR Load Bearing System - Tubes™

Implementing the Tubes™ system in our load bearing vests has enabled us to optimize stability and durability. Tubes™ are easy to handle and enable quick release should the wearer require first aid or extraction, and for the user or a second person to remove the carrier with a gloved hand. Tubes™ are also quieter to attach and remove than Velcro®.

THOR Load Bearing System - Ventilation Channels

Ventilation channels have been inserted in the areas where the user sweats the most. This improves comfort by keeping the user cool during high intensity activity. It also allows the user to wear the vest for longer periods without compromising their capacity.


The system’s flexibility and modularity mean that it can be adapted to suit the user’s requirements, regardless of the frequency with which those change. When moving into a situation that requires it, the user can easily, thanks to the scalability of the THOR™ system, add both hard and soft ballistic protection to the carrier, never carrying more weight than he needs to, while ensuring he is adequately protected.

THOR MCVS vest - soft ballistic and hard ballistic protection


THOR Grid Carrying System - omega fabric

The GRID panels are made from NFM’s OMEGA fabric, developed specifically for laser cutting by combining materials through an advanced lamination process, resulting in a light, durable and rigid material.

THOR Grid Carrying System - light frame

Thanks to the strength of the OMEGA fabric, it is possible to remove all fabric without a specific function, leaving only an ultralight frame and support structure.

Grid Carrying System - High-level loadbearing capacity

The properties of the OMEGA make it possible to create a load-bearing frame with a pouch attachment, offering superior load-bearing capacity.

THOR Grid Carrying System - wide variety of geometries

The GRID panels are designed to fit over the THOR™ load-bearing carriers. The panels are available in a wide variety of geometries and can be customized according to customer requirements


THOR Load Bearing System - flame retardancy

In co-operation with our selected scientific testing institute, EMPA Switzerland, NFM has tested a variety of configurations of FR and non-FR clothing and load bearing systems.

Our fabrics have been tested for protection against heat, flames, radiant and convective heat, while demonstrating that the chances of survival are vastly improved when wearing NFM’s FR personal protection.

In other tests, conducted according to ISO 13506, we were able to demonstrate that the GARM™ FR system in combination with the THOR™ ballistic vest also made from FR fabrics gives significantly higher protection from fire than a similar, non-FR, configuration.

NFM strives to perfect the balance between the protectiveness and the practicality of all our products, ensuring maximum survivability while retaining mobility and comfort.


THOR™ Load Bearing aids the individual’s ability to remain undetected by managing his NIR signature, and reducing NVG visibility to the level where it helps the individual to blend in with their surroundings. Most THOR™ load bearing vests are fully IRR-compliant and use special materials that allow soldiers to appear at the same reflectance level as the surrounding terrain, thus making them more difficult to detect by NVGs.

Signature management - NIR

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