Who We Are


Enhanced Combat Performance

NFM, founded in 1996, designs and produces protective equipment that enables the user to deploy his full capacity during combat, while staying protected. Our systems and products, based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, are designed with the user in the center and by continuously implementing a holistic and innovative approach to protection.

Today, NFM has contracts with over 50 military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Soldiers in action wearing GARM combat clothes and HJELM helmets



Innovation gives us competitive advantage. We promote collaboration and sharing of ideas across our business. We have a structured approach to recognizing innovations, thoroughly testing ideas and sharing learnings.


All our employees are highly competent within their specialist fields. We encourage personal and professional development and see it as a key part of improving our competence level as an organization.


We are always honest and open with our clients. We set realistic targets and goals, and respect their right to confidentiality. We work closely with them at all times, strengthening relationships in order to achieve optimal results.


We make great effort to ensure that those we work with, both internally and externally, comply with strict ethical guidelines related to finance, operating conditions and environmental issues.

NFM Group Structure

NFM Group is privately owned and was established in 1996. NFM Group is a leading supplier of soldier related equipment and protection across Europe, as well as growing business opportunities in key markets in other regions. This is done through a series of subsidiaries, which focus on different aspects of our operation.

Structure of NFM Group AS

Research, design, production and sales of NFM’s range of products.

NFM Production Sp. z o.o. – Research and development, design, production and sales of NFM’s range of products internationally, located in Poland.

NFM France SAS – Sales and customer support in France.

NFM Germany GmbH – Sales and customer support in Germany.

NFM Technology AS – Development of ballistic technology in Norway.

Hexonia – Research and development, design, production and sales of Hexonia’s range of products in Germany.

NOR Development Group

Equipnor  Norway – Supplies the Norwegian military, law enforcement and security forces with the optimal equipment.

Equipnor  Sweden – Supplies the Swedish military, law enforcement and security forces with the optimal equipment.

Norsegear – B2C webshop for the Nordic market focused on the end users – on and off duty

SafeNor – Supplier of equipment and services for the diving, fire service, defense, oil and gas industry in Norway.

Capsicum – Supplier of firearms and advanced accessories to Norwegian special forces, police and military units.


A Multi-National Team

At NFM, diversity and inclusion are at the core of our workforce. With a team of over 950 dedicated individuals, spread across six locations in Europe, we thrive on diversity and inclusivity. Our workforce represents an incredible tapestry of talent, encompassing 30 different nationalities from around the globe ranging from young professionals in their 20s to seasoned experts in their 60s.

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, we are breaking barriers with 69 percent of our workforce is comprised of talented women. Moreover, we have achieved a significant milestone with 50% of our management positions held by women. Since our founding in 1996, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed has been in our DNA. We believe that diversity fuels innovation and drives our success.

Join NFM

At NFM, we are always seeking exceptional individuals who share our passion and drive. If you have the experience and skills to contribute to our diverse range of business areas, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

We welcome open applications and inquiries from talented professionals looking to make an impact. If you are interested in learning more about potential opportunities, please reach out to us via email.

Join our dynamic team at NFM and be part of shaping the future of the defence industry.

Contact us today to explore how your talents can thrive at NFM.


NFM’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, named Nordic Lifestyle, comprises a range of individual, community and environmentally-based projects that are intended to significantly improve the quality of life of both NFM employees and the wider community. From creating a better work-life balance and provision of regular health checks, to supporting the long-term unemployed to find gainful employment, the NFM Nordic Lifestyle aims to make a positive impact far beyond the factory walls.

With a flavor of our Norwegian origins, our holistic CSR strategy is expressed under the four categories:

  • Sports, ranging from individual participation in extreme sports to sponsorship of the local football team,
  • Nature, with a range of activities that favor environmental awareness and holistic well-being,
  • Lifestyle, such as promoting healthy eating through outreach initiatives in schools and the wider community, and
  • Equality of opportunity, including equal pay for equal work, and supporting the disadvantaged to access opportunities
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